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Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Remember to include everyone

       Remember to include everyone
Shimmering sunlight rays reflected like a mirror on the crystal white clouds.
The palace stood high upon the clouds.  The cloud people were a peaceful race who never
fought or disagreed about anything. For five hundred years they had lived in
peace and harmony.

One fine day in the kingdom two unicorns played and frollicked. Their horns were
covered with pearls, and gems and their wings fluttered in the air as they flew around
the palace. “Cupcake you're in” Glitter said. They were roaming
around up and down over the bakery “good day mates“  the uni-baker said to them.
They raced past rainbow bubbles which were blowing from a uni- ladyś
 laundry basket.

They all stopped and nearly burned their hooves because they were flying as fast as
a Ferrari car. Slowly the most gorgeous unicorn appeared on the
uni-crossing and asked very politely with all of her manners “can I play with you¨.
The group replied in a very rude voice and not so polite “No thanks we never let
anyone else play with us,  how could you even think of asking us“. She tried 2-3
times but the answer only got worse. She gave up all hope and ran away. On
that same night when it was dinner time one of the unicorns thought about
how the other unicorn would have felt, just for once she put herself in the
gold unicorn's hooves.  

So the next day she flew to the gold unicorns. She knocked  on the hard
wooden door.  The gold unicorn came out and said  “now can I play with you
Cupcake replied ¨yes¨. She explained that she felt very sorry that she had
judged her and just told her to go away. She learned a very important lesson
that it was best to include everyone.

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