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Wednesday, 13 June 2018

My vege car

We read a story called the vege car (based on a real story) where a man uses vegetable oil for his car's energy and it worked. Here's my car designed by myself which runs on salt water.

Thursday, 7 June 2018



In a lonely, dark hidden corner in the massive junk yard was an old curious
lady hoping to find treasure.

She grabbed bits and pieces of rusty metal, examining through the pile she
carefully choose what she desired.

“This seems good, i better move on to the next junk mountain” the short lady

Near the outskirts of town lonely but happy she searched for treasure everyday.

Rapidly she glanced around for something priceless.

She rushed to an old car, she smelled two little trees and had found a wooden
box. She dared to open it.

Estimation of time:
After 20 mins, her cardboard room was filled with amazingness and joy.
She rested on a cozy chair and spent the afternoon.

I wonder what awaits me tomorrow?


Sina and the Eel

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Statistics poster

we made a statistics poster in our maths book as we are learning about statistics. Here's mine.

Camp (experts guide for crate stacking)

Experts guide: Crate Stacking

Aaaaaaaaaah! If you don’t want to scream like I did at Stack’em, here are some helpful tips you might want to use.
Firstly prepare yourself for heights. I’m not joking if you have a height fear, conker it before camp. The more crates, the higher it will get. Once your ready, tune up your balancing skills by practicing on a beam or something else. This will 100% help you for crate stacking.

Once at camp:
Bear in mind that you are clipped on by an efficient and well trained instructor so don’t panic. Once it’s your turn put the harness on quickly and get a helmet of your size (make sure that it is tight enough). After that, look and focus on the crate you’re about stack and become the stacking champion (only if you get 13 because then……..
you are part of the 13 SQUAD!!!)

Farwell and good luck from an expert.

Sunday, 20 May 2018

The fight to vote (reading)

The fight to vote
(unfamiliar vocabulary)

The belief that women and men should have equal rights and opportunities.  

The right to vote in political elections.

feeling, showing, or expressing sympathy.

Petitions- A formal written request, typically one signed by many people,
appealing to authority in respect of a particular cause.

Compare women of 1800’s and now

Women now compared to women then, both have a huge amount of difference.
Women have made big changes throughout the 1800’s proving that they should be
able to vote and show that they deserve to have equal rights just like men. We now
know that women like Kate Sheppard  brought female voting and equal rights.
Although women now have equal rights as men, we can’t imagine that it must be
very difficult back then for women to be told that they can’t do as many thing as men.
KATE SHEPPARD (character description)  
Kate Sheppard played a big hand in helping women fight for equal rights. If not for
her, women today may not have been able to vote. When she passed away we lost a
great role model and a great leader.
In 1885 Kate Sheppard joined the WCTU, (Women's Christian Temperance Union)
to fight for liquor prohibition. She spoke for the next generation and said:  “We are
tired of having a “sphere” doled out to us, and being told that anything outside
that sphere is “unwomanly”.’
Kate Sheppard continued to work at home and abroad for women’s rights to freedom
to women. She became president of the National Council of Women New Zealand
(NCW) and editor of The White Ribbon, the first newspaper in New Zealand to be
owned, managed and published by women. Kate Sheppard's likeness replaced Queen
Elizabeth II on the New Zealand ten-dollar note. Katherine Wilson Sheppard is the real
name of Kate Sheppard. Kate Sheppard's parents were Scottish. After kate's father’s
death she lived with her uncle, a minister of the Free Church of Scotland. Kate was a
very strong women and stood out from other women because she did what any other
women would only have thought of she tried and tried and then proved to men that
women deserve equal rights. This is probably why Kate Sheppard is still remembered

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

The Beard Lady (character description)

                     We had to describe the bearded lady from the greatest showman here's mine!
The Bearded Lady

Looking at her systematic beard underneath her sad black eyes you could tell
that she wasn’t happy the way people saw her. She is proud of herself and her
well maintained beard even if people found her different. Inside her she was
broken as showed in her eyes surrounded by crow’s feet and her wrinkles like
broken branches.

Her pitch black hair shone so brightly as if a magnifying glass was reflecting it. She wore an elegant rose headband tied up in her short curly hair. Her puffy sleeves rested on her broad shoulders. As for her dress,  she was wearing a voluminous gown which was masked with maroon velvet and was perfectly trimmed with black silk fabric. If only people would understand her heavy hearted life. She is so sad inside that you could  read it on her face. Whoever looked in her eyes would nearly cry if they had sympathy for her. Each minute her self esteem would be hurt, whether she did something or not. She didn’t deserve to be treated like a Blobfish ; one of kind but no one likes it. After being hated so much she still moved on. She still had courage to face people and she believed that one day all of this will change.
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